From Latin America to the World

Theconf initiative

THE CONF is the new initiative kick-started by Fabio Akita in October of 2016.

He's been working primarily in the Brazilian Ruby on Rails community from the past decade, organizing 9 yearly Rubyconf Brazil conferences and delivering more than 200 talks around the world.

But he's not exclusively tied to Ruby in any way. On the contrary, part of the efforts was always to close the gap between Ruby communities and other tech groups.

More importantly, he wants to aim for more than tool adoption. Right now, Brazil has tons of great tech conferences.

The problem: outside of Brazil most people are not even aware of them, and they hold little to no interest in Brazilian talks. The reason is simple: talks delivered in Brazilian Portuguese are only understandable in Brazil.

The same is true for conferences in Latin America delivered in Spanish. Even though there are a lot more Spanish-speaking countries, we are all still outside of the circle of interest in most of the USA, Europe or Asia markets.

The goal of THE CONF is to create a conference that is truly inclusive, regardless of geographical origins. And to showcase the high quality of Latin American programmers.

To accomplish that we want to bootstrap a conference concept of technically focused talks delivered in English and distributed to well known channels of distributions such as InfoQ, the first partner for the conference.

The criteria for THE CONF are:

The Venue

We chose the Grand Hall of the Rebouças Convention Center because it feels right to be the birth place of this event. It's located near the famous Paulist Avenue, at the business heart of São Paulo City, Brazil.

It can easily fit up to 700 attendees.

There are several hotels in the area and it gives easy access to transportation and tourism places in the city as well.

Dates for 2018 are already set for September, 21 - 22, so you can add it to your calendars right now.